Monday, June 21, 2010

Murray sees the Boys in the Boat--Olympic Games, Berlin, August 15, 1936

Berlin, Germany

August 15, 1936

Dearest Rosa, 

It’s after twelve now and in the morning I have to get up really early in order to prepare for leaving here for the Hague, so this letter will be of the dashed-off variety. 

Yesterday was about the most thrilling for sports that I’ve ever had. The reason, of course, was the crew race. After the Germans had won the first five races at Grunau the British gave me a big spine tingle by breaking the jinx. Then the next race brought on Washington against the field. I went absolutely nuts all the time during the race. In the first place, Washington was last till after the half-way mark, and even though I knew that they specialized in making good finishes I didn’t want them to gamble on their ability. Then with about 500 yards to go they were third, way back of Hungary, Italy and Germany who were fighting it out. Suddenly they really turned on the heat and started to move. 
Murray wore a borrowed W sweater to the Games

Great chucks of water flew up as the blades smacked into it. Coming like a shot the Husky Clipper nailed Italy about sixteen yards from the end and moved out to win by .4 of a second. My voice is still lingering around Grunau somewhere because I haven’t been able to find it since. Incidentally, I fear that I bewildered the poor Germans with my shouts for “Washington.” They still don’t know who I was rooting for. 

Gee but it will be swell to start heading for home pretty quick. I’m pretty well fed up with foreign food and foreign voices. Gee what I wouldn’t give for a good American dinner right now, and a bed that has springs which are not instruments of torture. 

And would I love to see you. Oh, gee, darling, but I’m really lonesome over here. But it won’t be so terribly long now. 

I just can’t stay awake any longer, hon. All my love.

Really and forever,


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