Wednesday, July 11, 2012

From Phyllis Goldschmid, 11 March 1946, Shelton, Washington

Murray and Rosa were in Washington, D.C., finishing up Murray's Army duties.
Dear Murray and Rosa, 

We were very glad to get your letter and to hear that you are well and doing interesting things. We too had started many a letter to you, but now Johanna is at an age where she is worse than a household pest and is scampering all over everything, so that she requires a great deal of watching and so our firm vows turn to nothing.  Apparently I had you on my mind so much that I had a very interesting dream about you and Carmen and Bill. You
William Fett's fighters
were, in my dream, fighting a very uneven war on the side of the dark people of the world who were trying to get rid of their yoke…and somehow you received one of my frivolous letters after a horrible battle in which the opposition had thrown in some terrible professional troops and you were very hurt that under those conditions I should chide you for not writing a letter to us. Really, it was very sad and very real and it made me feel bad for days.

We were very interested in all your news… we would love to hear more of Howard’s [Daniel] travels in Europe… Did Leila go to the University of Chicago and do anything with her Soc.  I remember how worried I was about a girl who went to school without planning to use it…her training, you know…but now I see her point of view much more clearly.

We hope that you are planning to spend at least a month in Shelton when you get back. We can give your privacy so you can write and loaf…we are fixing up the backyard with that in mind… You can loll in the sun all day and Johanna will be trained to leave you alone…really.
Phyllis and Johanna, probably by Rosa Morgan

Our move is still in the dim dim future now the rumor is two or three years… and we are hoping by then they will have some sense.

We heard Paul Robeson talk a couple of weeks ago at a Spanish Refugee… African Affairs rally. He was wonderful. For my money he doesn’t have to sing. We looked up at home the Woolcott profile on him in While Rome Burns … if you haven’t read it or have forgotten it it’s worth reading again.

We are getting more and more unhappy at the anti-Russian talk. There may be things wrong there, but I don’t think that it’s anything that Mr. Churchill and his crowd can fix. 

This is not much of a letter, but I have to go to the dentist. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Very much

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