Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Umnak Island, 21 August 1944

Hello Piltzer My Pet…

I saw the sun for a full two minutes today, heard “The Firebird,” got a letter from you only two days old and even so manage to be melancholy. It seems that the charm of any Aleutian station is only skin deep and wars off in weeks.

Today’s letter was the one you carried in Koestler for five days. You must have dreamed about doing the letter before, Nunny, because this was the first I had heard of your moments with the boilermakers. After a few months of this sort of thing you should be able to turn out a book which would make MBW’s [Margaret Bourke White] experience “Shooting the Russian War” sound as placid as a safari to Snohomish to snipe tulips.

The news that Carmen [Fett] is leaving distresses me some, as I liked the thought of your being together. But since she hated the job so much and was not able to break even even on Boeing pay, it would seem foolish for her to be apart from Bill. They seem to love each other more vocally at a distance but more effectively at close range. I was not referring to Justo. Myrtle [James] and Jean [Elliott] under the same roof should be entertaining, rather in the manner of the Steele-Overlin fracas. Or who was the Aberdeen boy who kept beating up Chuck Rubyn’s Wishkah Wonder, Roger Peterson?

Nunny, this may sound funny after all my fussing, but don’t kill yourself writing letters to me. They mean more to me than anything in the world—except your happiness and health. Every other day will be enough if you will be sure to make on every second day.

And be sure to send up all the publications which have your pictures in them.
I can’t understand why you should have to be worrying about film. Doesn’t your professional status entitle you to special consideration? And can’t the [Seattle] Star help you out in that matter?

One thing in your last letter worried me a little. It was that you not only hadn’t been able to save money but had had to dip into the bank for some.  I thought you were banking the entire government $50 a month and putting away a bit of your salary besides, so I am a little disconcerted. … Please don’t think I’m scolding about the money. I am merely interested. And I approve of all the expenses you have mentioned, especially those regarding the camera. Getting flash equipment for the Rollei these days is a real break. I heartily approve. Does Bill pay you for your flashbulbs and film? 

When you see Glenn and Shirley again, congratulate them for me on the simplicity of their wedding and the complete chaos of their honeymoon, which sounds as weird as our vacation from the Washie. Speaking of which, I just found Mrs. Roy’s address in my notebook the other day and I think I’ll write her a note. So far we have written her three letters: one from Seattle, one from New York and one from Mexico.

Nothing has happened since I wrote yesterday except that one of the fellows in the hut started the trip home today. Already he has sent a wire to one of the fellows announcing that he had a drink for him and a teebone steak for anyone who was interested. Before going Lyle gave me a photo of one of our local foxes and a waterproof money belt which may come in handy on the Mississippi. Remember the blue bag I wore on my belt last time?

I am terribly in love and terribly lonesome for you my Nunny. How can time with you go so quickly and time away from you take so long with its gummy minutes? It seems we have been married five days and apart five years, or ages or epochs. Today makes in an even four months since I sailed. It is so very long.
Your everloving

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