Tuesday, March 29, 2011

from Phyllis Goldschmid to Rosa Morgan and Carmen Fett, 28 June 1944

Dear Rosa and Carmen,

First I want to tell you how much we enjoyed last Wednesday with you...It was so nice to eat your horseradish stuff again...Gusti too I know was very happy to see your place and to be with you again.

Now we looking forward to seeing you this weekend  and we do wish you could stay until the Fourth...we can take you sailing and way out in the country and two days are really not long enough...for everything...to say nothing of job hunting. In fact if you will just move down bag and baggage we'll be happy. We are enclosing a couple of old bus tickets for you to see if they are still good. 

I have been hovering over those glads we planted to try to get at least a shoot up before you get here and there may be some results. In any case we should have home grown peas      and roses.

Otto learned of my tiff with the law when I came home and told him about the day.... I must have used an unhappy voice because he said...You sound as if a great tragedy had happened so then I had to tell him everything. But he only beat me a little.

I liked that soldier quite well....He is really very nice and we hope he has occasion to visit here sometimes. 

And now I hear my boss' footsteps     so we'll be seeing you when you come.



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